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About Us

This site is the project of Regional Centre for Human Rights. It contains the biggest base of analytical and law content about Crimea occupation. We work for the proper defence of human rights and the implementation of international standards on the peninsula territory.

What We Do

We help to manage difficult situations, analyse and systemize problems which appeared as a result of the occupation. In addition, we offer professional solutions where is possible. For achieving this we:
1. Fix the fact of violation and proceed to the analysis of a situation, build arguments for their practical use for the defence of the rights of specific people.
2. Having found the violation, we take action for its elimination, making it a legal case.
3. Plead cases on the national level or offer help for the preparation of complaints to the European Court of Human Rights, UN Human Rights Committee, International Criminal Court and others.
4. Fix and describe our experience here for its further use of everyone who needs it.

For Whom We Do This

Analytical data also may be used by human rights organizations, lawyers, international missions, government agencies and diplomatic services.

What we have already done

2014-2017 Performance Report (in Ukrainian)

Annual Report for 2018 (in English)

Our Team

We are the team of professional lawyers, who specialize in human rights protection. We have a lot of experience in pleading the cases in the International agencies.

Most of us are Crimeans, who after the occupation were forced to leave the Peninsula. Since spring, 2014, we have been looking for solutions to the problems of Crimea inhabitants suffered from the conflict. Therefore, we understand the peculiarities of the situation better than others. We find problems and violations, were others can’t see them, and we offer solutions.

Our Partners

This site was created and functions with the support of Regional Centre for Human Rights (RCHR).

Published analytical content is the result of work of RCHR, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, analytical group CHROT.

The site is supported by European Union as a part of the joint with EHRAC project «Defending human rights and supporting human rights defenders in mainland Ukraine and Crimea». The aim of the project is to bring the international law into force in Crimea and to enhance the skills of lawyers concerning human rights in Ukraine.

European Human Rights Advocacy Centre (EHRAC) is an independent non-political organization, which fundamental area of expertise is conflict in the territory of Former Soviet Union.

Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union – a non-profit and non-political organization. The largest association of human rights organizations in Ukraine, which unites 29 NGOs.

CHROT – expert-analytical group, whose members wish to remain anonymous.

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For the question of the case representation in European court or any other agency – marked «Court representation» or call 044 235 59 10.

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*This website is conducted with financial assistance from the European Union. The content of the site is the sole responsibility of the RCHR and may not coincide with the views of the European Union.