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Influence on the Ukrainian identity in the occupied Crimea. Excerpt from the Study

The activities of the Russian Federation in occupied Crimea lead to significant damageto the objects of the cultural heritage of Ukraine and world cultural heritage located onthe peninsula.

First of all, after the beginning of the occupation, all the objects ofcultural heritage located on the territory of Crimea were appropriated by the federalauthorities of the Russian Federation and the local occupation authorities. In addition,the occupation authorities authorize the transfer of tangible cultural heritage outsideCrimea to the territory of the Russian Federation and large-scale unlawful excavations,which often lead to damage and destruction of sites. Such actions constitute a war crime.

This study combines the facts of cultural heritage ruination and manipulations of the RF with the violations of the right to use one’s own culture, language, right to freedom of thought and religion, and makes a conclusion about threats of Ukraine’s national identity destruction on the occupied peninsula.

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