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Individuals who have made bail as a security in criminal proceedings are now deprived of the opportunity to get their money back.

Individuals  who  have made bail as a security  in  criminal  proceedings  are  now  deprived  of  the opportunity to get their money back. Russian  authorities  refer  to  the  fact  that  these  funds  were deposited in the special account access to which was closed by the Ukrainian authorities soon  after Crimea was declared the Russian territory. The Ukrainian authorities, in their turn,  refer  to  the  fact that the power to pay the funds belong to relevant state institutions, the  functioning  of  which  was stopped as a result of the occupation of Crimea by the Russian Federation.       This example relates not only to bails, but also to  any  other  rights  of  claim  that  arose  prior  to  the beginning of the occupation (for example, regarding the debts in  pension  payments,  wages  of  public sector employees, etc.) and are due for payment in the following period. It is obvious that these citizens had very specific requirements for the state,  the existence of which not being denied .   Since the authorities of each  State have fairly logical reasoning, it is hard  to  predict  the  outcome  of complaints in such cases. The preparation of complaints to the ECHR is also  complicated.  In  particular, in order to achieve efficient results it is necessary to file a complaint to the authorities  of both  countries and to exhaust all remedies available under the law of both Ukraine and the Russian Federation.   That is, the greatest difficulty in the cases like this is not just to prove  the  violation  of  the  applicant’s rights, but to establish the state which should be responsible for this violation .

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