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The authorities destroyed market Kozlov Street in Simferopol

On   6   July   2015   the   authorities   destroyed  the  market  in  the  Kozlov  Street  in  Simferopol. Implementation of this action took place with the support of the  police who  cordoned  off  the  area the night before so as none of the owners could even have the possibility to take out their  property. During the operation there were dismantled altogether about 360 trade pavilions (

The ground for the dismantling was the   resolution of the administration of the city of Simferopol of 5 June 2015 No. 382. The market itself    was established on the ground of the decision of the Simferopol city council session No. 648 of 28  April 2000. The issue of the dismantling of the market was not considered in the court and the sole ground for this dismantling is the above mentioned resolution No. 382.   The permission from local authorities for the construction of the market and its long-term existence  at the acquiescence of the authorities  regardless of the construction  conditions of this  market  grant  the owners of pavilions the rights that are protected by Article 1 of the First Protocol.

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