About us

This site is the project of Regional Centre for Human Rights. It contains the biggest base of analytical and law content about Crimea occupation. We work for the proper defence of human rights and the implementation of international standards on the peninsula territory.

Regional Center for Human Rights founded in 2013 in Sevastopol. Due to the occupation of Crimea, we were forced to move to Kyiv. Our team is an association of professional lawyers, advocates, human rights defenders, and activists united by shared values and purpose.

We want human rights to be respected even under the conditions of occupation, and those guilty of violating them should be punished. For this, we use international and national legal remedies. 


We help to manage difficult situations, analyse and systemize problems which appeared as a result of the occupation. In addition, we offer professional solutions where is possible. For achieving this we:

Analytical data also may be used by human rights organisations, lawyers, international missions, government agencies and diplomatic services.